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Trailer Repair Technician: IMMEDIATE OPENING - NOW HIRING

Job Description:

  • Assist in the assembly of utility trailers received from shipper
  • Test all new trailers received from shipper to identify irregularities and test all trailer lighting.
  • Trace electrical shortage or disconnects on incoming trailer and customer warranty issues.
  • Strip existing defective electrical wiring and install new wiring harness and replace defective lighting.
  • Install new trailer electrical braking components as needed.
  • Inspect hubs (idler and Braking Drum) to determine serviceability and replacement as necessary.
  • Service axle hub and bearing by repacking adequate grease
    lubricant and adjusting spindle nut end play.
  • Repair spindle damage from dry seized bearing by buffing and polishing to salvage axle.
  • Remove and replace axles on single and tandem axles trailer as required.
  • Install landscape equipment on utility and cargo trailers by drilling and installed bolts and self tapping screws.
  • Install E Track on floors and walls of enclosed cargo trailers
  • Remove and install trailer couplers with acceptable cutting and welding practices.
  • Greet customers with service requirement with an acceptable degree of professionalism, give accurate quotes
    and complete service orders.
  • As requirement occur perform other duties as required.